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Uncork the Sun at Home

Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country has partnered with the Vinstitute Wine School to create an education series of podcasts and virtual tastings. Moss Scheurkogel, the founder and lead instructor of the wine school, will guide you in learning more about the wines, winemakers, and terroir that make this region so prolific and diverse. 

Virtual Tastings Series

Moss Scheurkogel is an experienced wine educator from Oliver’s popular Vinstitute Wine School. Each episode in this tasting series showcases a different theme alongside carefully chosen wines from three or four of the regions’ 44 member wineries. The sessions will allow you the opportunity to compare and contrast grape varietals, while sharing wine tasting best practices and discovering the varied nuances to look for when sampling wines. Come back and watch the episode again with a different wine and see how your experience changes. 

Season 1 – Episode Listing:


Moss talks about the fundamental differences between white and red wine, showcases two exceptional wines with some intriguing similarities, and spills wine on an old book. WATCH HERE Wines featured:


Moss talks about Rosé wine and how these category of wine came to be, show casing three examples from the region. Almost every wineries in Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country has a unique offering for rosé as you explore these iterations. WATCH HERE. Wines Featured:


Understand why oak barrels are used in winemaking and learn how to identify the impact of oak in a wine. WATCH HERE. Featured wines:


Moss illuminates the three prevalent methods of producing sparkling wine and some of the rationale behind winemakers select their method. WATCH HERE. Featured Wines:


Moss explores Gamay Noir, a light-bodied red grape varietal perfect for summer, this grape is the sixth most popular wine grape grown in British Columbia. WATCH HERE. Featured Wines:

6 – The Versatility of Aromatic Whites

Moss introduces the classification of “Aromatic Wines” with a history of the nomenclature of Gewürtztraminer and explains what TDN means relating to Riesling. WATCH HERE. Featured Wines.

7 – The Personalities of SYRAH 

Moss takes us through this wonderful varietal from Syrah to Shiraz that is so integral to British Columbia wine and grown primarily in Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country. WATCH HERE. Featured Wines”

8 – Rhone-Style Whites 

Moss starts with a bit of history on wines in France and where the varietals come from before introducing the 3 most popular whites from the Rhone valley. With a surprise bonus tasting from Church and State at the end.WATCH HERE. Featured wines:

9 – Taste the Terroir of Cabernet Franc 

Moss explores the influence of terroir on taste using Cabernet Franc, the parent grape of both Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. WATCH HERE. Featured Wines:

10 – PORT-STYLE Wines 

Moss explores fortified wines from Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country explaining what differentiates ruby, tawny and reserve ports. WATCH HERE. Featured wines:

11 – Bordeaux-Style Blends – September 29th

Podcast Series

Designed to give the listener a deeper appreciation for Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country by exploring the unique intricacies of our region’s people, terroir, winemaking practices and engaging tasting room experiences. Hosted by Moss Scheurkogel, an experienced wine educator from Oliver’s popular wine school, The Vinstitute, our podcasts are released every other Friday and can be found on our website below, as well as iTunes, Spotify and other notable podcast apps. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

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Season 1 – Episode Listing

Episode 01 – Your Personal Wine Cellar 

Learn how to create and maintain a personal wine cellar, discover which wines have the best aging potential and which wines should be enjoyed now

Episode 02 – Terroir

Deep dive into the specifics behind the concept of terroir – a French term referring to the environment that wine grapes are grown in

Episode 03 – Oak Barrels 

Understand why oak barrels are used in winemaking and learn how to identify the impact of oak in a wine

Episode 04 – A Year of Vines

Explore the annual life cycle of a South Okanagan vineyard, breaking down the tasks, challenges and goals of a vineyard operator

Episode 05 – Planting and Phylloxera 

Learn more about how grapevines are planted and propagated, addressing the most universal and devastating threat to viticulture in the history of winemaking in the process

Episode 06 – Interview with John Pullen, Owner of Second Chapter Wine Co.

Join Moss as he meets with John Pullen as they discuss some of the dynamics and nuances that the terroir of Oliver Osoyoos wine country and the effects on winemaking and wines.

Episode 07 – Harvesting Grapes

Listen in as Moss talks about the culmination of the annual farming cycle both picking and celebrating the harvest.

Episode 08 – Interview with Jennifer Busmann, Executive Director for Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country

Moss is joined by Jennifer as they discuss the signature events from Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country and stories and culture that make this region unique.

Episode 09 – Interview with andrew windsor, winemaker at maverick estate winery

Moss chats with Andrew Windsor who has just taken over as Winemaker and Proprietor at Maverick Estate Winery having moved from Tinhorn Creek Estate Winery and he discusses his history in the wine industry and the direction of the wine program going forward.


Moss chats with Justin Hall of the Osoyoos Indian Band who is the first Aboriginal Winemaker in North American (probably) who is a well-known public figure in the South Okanagan wine industry

Episode 11 – half corked marathon speciaL