Uncork the Sun, with the Vinstitute Wine School

From the South Okanagan valley, heart of British Columbia wine country, a podcast about winemaking and wine appreciation.

Uncork The Sun Podcast Series

Designed to give the listener a deeper appreciation for Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country by exploring the unique intricacies of our region’s people, terroir, winemaking practices and engaging tasting room experiences. Hosted by Moss Scheurkogel, an experienced wine educator from Oliver’s popular wine school, The Vinstitute, our podcasts are released every other Friday and can be found on our website below, as well as iTunes, Spotify and other notable podcast apps. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

Upcoming Episode:

Episode 18 – SMOKE TAINT

Moss clears the air regarding smoke taint – what is it and how does it affect the profile of the wine in your glass.



Previous Episodes:

EPISODE 17 – Syrah

Moss takes an in-depth look into Syrah, clarifying the complexity of this grape as both the traditional old-world Syrah and the new-world Shiraz and the characteristics to expect when enjoying this varietal.

Episode 16 – Interview with Sheila whittaker, general manager of nostalgia wines

Moss chats with Sheila Whittaker about the many facets of the role of as General Manager in a small winery and the decision to transition from Oliver Twist to Nostalgia Wines in celebration of the winery’s 15th anniversary.


Moss explores the world of wine and the influences of the actual geographical location and fundamental affects that terroir, climate and other regional factors have on the taste.

Episode 14 – Terroir, Live in the Vineyard and Metamorphosis

Moss chats with Gene Covert about vineyard sustainability and Covert Farm’s move to organic and regenerative agricultural methods.

episode 13 – the history of bc wine

Moss chats about how the wine industry developed in British Columbia and became part of the world stage for award-wining varietals of wine.


Moss chats with Ted Kane about what it’s been like in the wineries of the South Okanagan this year under the pandemic.

Episode 11 – fOOD AND wINE pAIRINGS

Moss explores the nuances of food and wine pairings and the many dynamics and scientific reasons why you can’t just take a wine you like and a food you like to make a great pairing.


Moss chats with Justin Hall of the Osoyoos Indian Band who is the first Aboriginal Winemaker in North American (probably) who is a well-known public figure in the South Okanagan wine industry.

Episode 09 – Interview with andrew windsor, winemaker at maverick estate winery

Moss chats with Andrew Windsor who has just taken over as Winemaker and Proprietor at Maverick Estate Winery having moved from Tinhorn Creek Estate Winery and he discusses his history in the wine industry and the direction of the wine program going forward.

Episode 08 – Interview with Jennifer Busmann, Executive Director for Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country

Moss is joined by Jennifer as they discuss the signature events from Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country and stories and culture that make this region unique.

Episode 07 – Harvesting Grapes

Listen in as Moss talks about the culmination of the annual farming cycle both picking and celebrating the harvest.

Episode 06 – Interview with John Pullen, Owner of Second Chapter Wine Co.

Join Moss as he meets with John Pullen as they discuss some of the dynamics and nuances that the terroir of Oliver Osoyoos wine country and the effects on winemaking and wines.

Episode 05 – Planting and Phylloxera 

Learn more about how grapevines are planted and propagated, addressing the most universal and devastating threat to viticulture in the history of winemaking in the process.

Episode 04 – A Year of Vines

Explore the annual life cycle of a South Okanagan vineyard, breaking down the tasks, challenges and goals of a vineyard operator.

Episode 03 – Oak Barrels 

Understand why oak barrels are used in winemaking and learn how to identify the impact of oak in a wine.

Episode 02 – Terroir

Deep dive into the specifics behind the concept of terroir – a French term referring to the environment that wine grapes are grown in.

Episode 01 – Your Personal Wine Cellar 

Learn how to create and maintain a personal wine cellar, discover which wines have the best aging potential and which wines should be enjoyed now.