Terroir Talk #6 – Oliver North

Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country’s terroir is very varied. Microclimates and soil composition differ drastically within very short distances, which is something that makes our region so unique. Follow this series as we breakdown the nuances of our diverse terroir.

This week, we’re diving deeper into the area North of Oliver as we continue exploring Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country’s unique and diverse terroir.

Northwest of Oliver, vineyards have similar creek systems seen on the Golden Mile Bench, but feature flatter land that integrates silt from the nearby Okanagan River. These conditions mean a more balanced day for sunlight, without the extreme morning and afternoon sun found further south. Wineries with this terroir include Covert Farms Family Estate and Hidden Chapel Winery – known for their Bordeaux-style blends and crisp whites.

Map North West

Surrounding Oliver on the north and east sides are western-facing vineyards that receive ample sun and temperature moderation from the Okanagan River and bodies of water like Tuc-El-Nuit Lake. Unlike the Black Sage Bench further south, this zone shows a mix of soil types including rock, sand, and gravel. This area is home to award-winning wineries including: Inniskillin; Jackson-Triggs; Red Horses Vineyard; River Stone Estate Winery; Squeezed Wines; Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery; and vinAmité Cellars.

Map North East