Terroir Talk #2 – Black Sage Bench

Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country’s terroir is very varied. Microclimates and soil composition differ drastically within very short distances, which is something that makes our region so unique. Follow this series as we breakdown the nuances of our diverse terroir.

Located on the eastern flank of the valley, just 6km away from the Golden Mile Bench, the Black Sage Road Bench terroir is a combination of mostly sandy soil, with small pockets of gravel, no natural irrigation, and the hot afternoon sun, which results in lower yields but intensely flavourful grapes. Wineries to note here are Burrowing Owl VineyardsBlack Hills Estate Winery, Desert Hills Estate Winery, Platinum Bench Estate Winery, Oliver Twist Estate Winery, Quinta Ferreria and the brand new Phantom Creek Estate Winery and French Door Estate Winery. Look out for signature varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah.

Black Sage Bench – Map East 2