River Stone Estate Winery


River Stone Estate Winery is a small, family owned and operated winery located in the South Okanagan. We are located on a small knoll in the middle of the valley, just south of the well-recognized McIntyre Bluff and just north of Oliver, BC, the Wine Capital of Canada.

The winery site is surrounded by our hand tended vineyard. When we moved to the Okanagan Valley we chose this site for its superb grape-growing qualities and planted the vineyard with a Bordeaux style blend in mind, which we have called Corner Stone. As our winery name, River Stone, and vineyard name, River Rock Vineyards suggest, our wines come from the deep rock and gravel soils laid down following the last glacial recession.

Signature Wine

Corner Stone

Contact Information

Phone: 250.498.0043

Website: https://www.riverstoneestatewinery.ca/

Instagram: /drinkriverstone/

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