2021 Half Corked Marathon

Friend Form Submission Deadline – Thursday, February 17th at 6pm

The deadline for submission has passed, the form is now closed

As a selected winner for the April 23rd, 2022 Half Corked Marathon your may submit the name of ONE friend who will also be invited to purchase a ticket. 

You MUST have EXPLICIT permission from your friend to provide their name and email before completing this form.

The first email address you enter MUST MATCH the email that was selected in the lottery draw (if the email does not match the submission will be disqualified). If you are signed into the system your email address will already show below.

For your friend’s details PLEASE VERIFY BEFORE SUBMISSION, any errors in email addresses will result in your friend not receiving communications. 

Note: if your friend has previously unsubscribed from our emails they will not receive communications.