French Door Estate Winery

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The goal of our winery is to create honest, low-intervention wine, in a classic old-world French style; from sustainably grown grapes off our estate. We believe it takes the best kind of grapes (no systemics, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides) to make the highest quality of wine, and to ensure that every bottle is a true expression of us, and our commitment to excellence.

Terroir, sustainability and passion is our philosophy all the way from soil to glass. We want to create age-worthy wines that can standalone, but also pair with food. We want each wine to have layered character that represents the vineyard as much as it signifies the people making it. Since the start of this project, the minimum standard has been organic practice in order to better our vineyard, our wines, ourselves and our planet. This project would not be possible if it wasn’t for the passion of our winemaker Pascal Madevon, and for the dedication of all of our staff.

Signature Wine

Mourvèdre Rosé

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