Working jointly with our local deli, Oliver Eats, we have established the HOPE Fund, which aims to Serve those that serve us all.

As a result of the global pandemic, which has led to the closure of tasting rooms and restaurants, affecting all tourism businesses throughout the region, many community members have found themselves struggling and in need of aid to provide for their families. We strive to keep these valued members of our community within our region and support some of their needs during this uncertain time. .

Together we can all ensure that the experiences we cherish in Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country from our tasting rooms, to our restaurants, to our hotels and other hospitality business partners can be preserved.


Donations are being sought to provide complimentary, healthy meals within our region. We will continue to support our people for the duration of the crisis aiming to provide up to 200 meals each week. For each $5 raised Oliver Eats can provide a prepared meal for four to those in need  You can support with a $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 donation; please click the donate now button to show your support.

The HOPE Fund program will be running throughout the season, we will be launching additional fundraising opportunities through our Facebook and Instagram pages, check regularly for updates or subscribe to our Newsletter for more information.

Donors please note that the system requires you to set-up a profile. Donations can also be made by cheque payable to OOWA, Box 611, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 – please include HOPE Fund in the memo. All donations are confidential; thank-you for your support.


Are you a local hospitality worker who has lost your job as a result of COVID-19 and need help, please contact by Thursday each week to submit your request. All requests for assistance are confidential.


CLICK HERE to Listen to radio interview of Executive Director, Jennifer Busmann as she talks with Brock Jackson of EZ Rock Osoyoos about why the HOPE Fund is so important to our community.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the April 25th edition of Tasting Room Radio with Terry David Mulligan where he talks with Jennifer Busmann of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country and Derek Uhlemann of Oliver Eats about the HOPE Fund


Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country launches program to support hospitality workers

In partnership with Oliver Eats, fund will feed winery and hospitality industry that have lost jobs due to COVID-19

OLIVER, BC (April 20, 2020): Following the closure of tasting rooms, Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country launches the HOPE Fund (Helping Our People Eat), which will support up to 200 family meals per week for members of the region’s hurting hospitality industry, who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

 In partnership with Oliver-based deli Oliver Eats Ltd., the fund will help them to produce fresh and frozen family meals that will help support those that are usually employed by wineries,  restaurants and other hospitality businesses in Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country (McIntyre Bluff to the Border) but are out of work due to the pandemic.

“We are confident of recovery in our region but we know that it rests on the reassurance that our hospitality community will still be here, when that happens,” says Jennifer Busmann, executive director of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country. “Our HOPE Fund is fueled by our 44 member wineries, with additional funds contributed by our organization, along with some generous donations and the support of the incredible team at Oliver Eats Ltd.; together we wanted to ensure that when we open our doors to welcome visitors, our community and industry will be ready and smiling.”

 The organization’s 44 member wineries range from some of the largest winemaking brands in the Okanagan Valley to small, independent family run estates. All are donating to this cause in a unified offering of support to the people that help make this area so special.

 “From farm hands to dishwashers, cellar hands to servers, these people are the backbone of our region and it would be shockingly different if they weren’t around,” says Derek Uhlemann, founder of Oliver Eats Ltd. “The pandemic is a shared hardship and we wanted to partner with Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country to support our workers with nutritious, delicious family meals.”

 Family meals will feed four people, prepared with high quality, local ingredients. The rotating menu will include: chili con carne; vegan tomato goulash; and split pea and ham soup.

 The HOPE Fund’s aim is to provide a maximum of 200 family meals per week for those that have lost jobs in the hospitality industry due to COVID-19 and need a helping hand. Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country has committed to raising all costs associated with this for the long term, with food provided at cost by Oliver Eats Ltd. Meals are prepared in the Oliver Eats’ Interior Health certified kitchen to the highest safety standards, and have contactless collection practices in place.

Those that are in the region, have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and are in need of a meal, please email by 5pm every Thursday. Meals can be collected every Saturday afternoon. Local partners that are keen to donate products or other items for The HOPE Fund can deliver directly to Oliver Eats Ltd., ideally on Tuesdays. If you are interested in making a donation please follow this link:


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