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Tickets for the 2020 Pig Out will go on sale in December of 2019



OOWA | Half Corked Marathon


The lottery is now closed. We received 8,116 registrations into the lottery for the 2020 Half Corked Marathon. Lottery entries will be reviewed and any repetitive entries will be removed so that everyone has a fair chance of being drawn. Successful lottery entrants will be notified later this week so please watch your inbox closely. We appreciate your support and good luck to all lottery registrants.

    • Lottery registration for the 2020 marathon closed at 12:10 am on Tuesday, November 12th
    • Lottery winners will be contacted with instructions on how to purchase their ticket
    • Lottery winners will be permitted to purchase a maximum of TWO TICKETS – one for themselves and one for a ‘guest’
    • In order to purchase a ‘guest’ ticket that person must also have entered the 2020 Half Corked Marathon lottery
    • Unsuccessful lottery entrants will NOT be contacted
    • All people interested in participating in the marathon MUST enter the lottery
    • To participate in the marathon you MUST be able to register IN PERSON on Friday, May 29th between noon and 7 pm
    • Please read terms & conditions prior to completing your lottery entry
    • All tickets into the Half Corked Marathon are Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable

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