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What is the Pig Out?
The Pig Out is an outdoor event featuring our member wineries and our local chefs.

What wineries are participating?
Only our member wineries participate and they can vary year to year. For a current list of our member wineries please click here.

What chefs/restaurants are participating?
These can vary from year to year depending on availability of the chefs.

What happens if it rains?
The Pig Out goes rain or shine. Please dress appropraitely for the weather.

Can I bring my dog?
Even though this is an outdoor event we do not allow dogs (or any other pets) on the event grounds.



How much are tickets?
Tickets are $65 (plus GST).

What is included in my ticket?
Included in your ticket is admission, entertainment, food, wine samples, and a souvenir wine glass.

Is there a student ticket?
Yes. Students 12 - 18 years of age are $25 (plus GST). Children under 12 years of age are free.

Where can I purchase tickets?
If you purchase online your ticket(s) will be emailed to you as a pdf.

I can't make the Pig Out anymore, can I get a refund?*
Tickets are non-refundable.

The weather is ugly and I don't want to attend anymore, can I get a refund?*
Since the Pig Out goes rain or shine tickets are non-refundable.

*In the event that we cancel the event your tickets will be refunded.


Is there are vegetarian/vegan option?
The Pig Out is all about meat. Some of the chefs may include a side dish that may be vegetarian/vegan but there are no guarantees.

Is there a gluten free option?
We do not ask the chefs to consider any dietary restrictions. However in creating their dish it may be gluten free. All the chefs will be at the Pig Out and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the ingredients they use.